Harlosh Island


Just back from an overnight camping trip to Harlosh Island.  We loaded our kayaks with all we would need for the night and made the short paddle across from Harlosh to Harlosh Island where we set up camp for the night. We spent a lovely afternoon exploring the island and swimming. After dinner we paddled back to Harlosh to meet other people from the kayak club. After a group paddle around Harlosh Island the three of us returned to camp. An amazing day, great company and the most incredible camping spot. It’s true, the best things in life are free!


8 comments on “Harlosh Island”
  1. Jamie says:

    I am definitely not jealous.

    I am sooooo jealous. Looks fab. Hopefully summer will hold out so you can enjoy more free vacations.


    1. janeross70 says:

      I hope so Jamie!


  2. That looks amazing. Kayaks on the beach is a good photo. I looked up Harlosh on maps and it looks like a big finger pointing towards the island = Go here. I liked it


    1. janeross70 says:

      Oh yes, I just checked that out. You are right. It does! x


    1. janeross70 says:

      It was one of the highlights of my year!


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