Last week I took a trip with Sam and Tim to the Isle of Mull.  We took the ferry from Armadale in South Skye to Mallaig then drove to Kilchoan to take another ferry to Toberymory (Mull). The drive from Mallaig to Kilchoan takes a couple of hours along fairly windy roads but takes in some of the most breath taking scenery imaginable.  It was late afternoon when we arrived on Mull. We wild camped near Ulva Ferry from where our boat trip was due to depart the following morning.

The boat left at 11.40am the next morning and took us to Lunga where we landed for two hours to watch the puffins. As well as puffin watching I enjoyed taking photos of people enjoying the puffins, hoping to add a few more images to my collection of photos of people enjoying the landscape.


From Lunga the boat took us onto Staffa, and Fingals Cave with it’s columns of basalt rock



We spent an hour on Staffa before returning to Ulva Ferry on the boat. Then, just when we thought our day couldn’t get any better we were treated to the sight of dolphins swimming alongside our boat on the way back. A truly unforgettable day.

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