Trumpan lies at the end of the Waternish Road. The sunsets from here are incredible. Today I had a walk around Trumpan. The wind was bitterly cold but it was a lovely time of the day to be out. By the time I finished pottering around with my camera, the light was beginning to fade. A pair of sea eagles were gliding on the breeze and stayed for the whole time I was there. It was a joy to watch them effortlessly circling around above me.

Trumpan Church is very peaceful and quiet now, but has a dark history. In 1578 a group of worshippers from Clan MacLeod (of Skye) were trapped inside the church by Clan MacDonald (from Uist). They set light to the church killing those inside. The killing had been in revenge of an attack by Clan Macleod on Clan MacDonald. The year before Clan Macleod had killed 395 MacDonalds by suffocating them with smoke while they took refuge in a cave.


Sea eagles


View of Ardmore from the grounds of Trumpan Church


Trumpan Church ruins

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