Playing in Photoshop

I have been neglecting my blog! My first post of 2018!

I have been doing bits and bobs to keep me busy; a few sewing jobs, some work on the house.  A good friend of mine has been to visit for a few days and we did some walking and photography. The weather has been quite kind for the time of year so I have been out paddling with some of my kayak buddies three times in recent weeks. On each occasion the sea has been really calm.

Yesterday I spent a good part of my day sat in front of the computer. I am usually a purist photographer and don’t like to manipulate my images. I like them to record what my eye has seen. However, I was playing around with the ‘cutout’ filter in photoshop yesterday and really liked the results. I have been wanting to learn screen printing for a long time and found that I could produce images that looked rather like silk screen prints. The image above was taken on my trip to Lewis and Harris in the autumn. I think I will experiment a bit more!


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