I parked the car at Orbost Farm and headed down the track towards the sea. I’ve done this walk a few times and it’s become one of my favourite walks. The first time I came here was back in the summer with my son Tim. That evening we stood on the track overlooking the sea, watching the gannets (whilst being harassed be midges). The gannets were so close we could hear the loud thuds as they dive bombed into the sea. No gannets today, and no midges either. I followed the track down to the boathouse and then up the hill into the trees. At the top of the hill the view opened up with incredible views towards Harlosh Island and the snow covered Cuillins in the distance. It was a lovely day, cold but with lots of sunny spells, and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk. Next time I do this walk I want to try and reach Idrigill Point so I can see the McLoed’s Maidens (giant sea stacks at the end of the point).



One comment on “Orbost”
  1. skyeent says:

    Yes, a lovely walk, and not on the Skye top ten, so generally a little quieter. We didn’t get as far as the maidens either, but did see a pair of eagles soaring towards Macloud’s tables. There’s supposed to be some pretty impressive sea caves as well along there. I was interested in some of the trees that have been planted between Orbost farm and the beach, several varieties I didn’t recognise that seemed to be doing pretty well. I wonder who planted them, when and why….


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