Highland Beauties

The weather has been very wintery. Bitter cold winds with a bit of snow and hail thrown in for good measure. I haven’t ventured very far the last few days. I’ve spent most of my time indoors for the last couple of days getting on with my next lot of cushions.

By this morning cabin fever was setting in. The wind had died down. Time to get out! The gritters have been keeping the roads clear. I have been impressed to hear the gritting lorry come past the house in the mornings while it has still been dark. I was initially surprised that they have bothered to grit a single track dead end road with about ten houses along the length of it! I drove to Ardmore at the end of the Waternish Road and went to Ardmore Wines as they were having an open day for locals to sample some wines and eat mince pies! Driving along the farm track I met these beautiful Highland cows.


3 comments on “Highland Beauties”
  1. Joan Lewis says:

    They are beautiful, almost as handsome as highland ponies xxx

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  2. skyeent says:

    Aren’t they pretty! Lovely colours. They seem to have finally got the gritters out ovef this way now. Last friday, both the bin lorry and the school taxi got stuck on the ice here.

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    1. janeross70 says:

      I hope the gritters have been keeping up the good work over your way!

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