Soft Furnishings

These are the bench cushions I made for the youth group meeting room at Dunvegan Hall. I posted this photo on Skye Free Ads last night in the hope of drumming up a bit more business. I’ve had a very positive response and have had enquiries for a further four jobs.  The great thing about Skye is that so much is done by word of mouth, so once I complete a few sewing projects, hopefully I will start to be thought of as the ‘go to’ person for soft furnishings. I like the idea of building up a small soft furnishings business as it will give me the flexibility to do the things I want to do next summer, like kayaking! I haven’t been kayaking since the end of August when the club evenings stopped as the nights started to draw in. I do so miss it.


2 comments on “Soft Furnishings”
  1. skyeent says:

    Good luck on your sewing venture Jane. Yes, word of mouth can be very efficient on Skye. It’s really a small town spread out over a largish island. There’s only one high school so generally someone you know will know everyone else

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  2. janeross70 says:

    Thanks. I’d never thought of it that way before ‘ a small town spread over a largish island’ but that is a good way to describe it.


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