The Terry Wogan Car

This was what I managed to achieve all by myself two weeks ago. Not one of my proudest moments as I have to confess I was looking at the view across the valley to the right and lost concentration for a millisecond, causing the left side of my vehicle to go onto the verge and into the soft ground. What an idiot!

The car was nicknamed the Terry Wogan car by Sam when I bought it last year. I wanted a car I could go travelling in and make a bed in the back, a basic camper car. The registration has the letters TFN (or Tata For Now) hence the Terry Wogan Car. Two weeks after this episode (and minus £200 for a new tyre and wheel) I loaded up the car for a three day trip to Lewis and Harris with Sam. We got the ferry from Uig (Skye) to Tarbert (Harris) on Friday, returning yesterday evening. The weather wasn’t great for much of the three days so we ended up staying in a hostel in Leverburgh on South Harris for the first two nights. We had the whole hostel to ourselves! On the last night the weather had improved and we camped out at Hushinish on North Harris. I had a nice cosy bed in the Terry Wogan car while Sam slept in the tent!


Looking across to Scarp from Hushinish

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