Loch Coruisk

My ex sister in law arrived on Tuesday and is staying with me for a few days. We are getting out and about this week. Today we drove to Elgol as we had booked a boat trip to Loch Coruisk. It’s about a 40 minute boat trip across the sea from Elgol to the small landing area at the base of Loch Coruisk. This part of the island is only accessible by boat or by intrepid hikers. From the landing area it’s a ten minute walk up river to Loch Coruisk, a fresh water loch fed with water from the Cuillins which form the dramatic backdrop to the loch. The photo above is of Lorraine, taken from the spot where we sat to have our sandwiches. Great company, fantastic weather and a truly awe inspiring location. We only got to spend 90 minutes here before having to get the boat back. It wasn’t long enough. I need to come back again soon!




2 comments on “Loch Coruisk”
  1. skyeent says:

    It is a lovely trip, and you managed to pick ideal weather, it’s getting a big nasty tomorrow. I can’t remember if that’s the shortest river in Scotland, or just on Skye. The boat men kindly carried my (wet) dogs back down the steps when we went there last year (big tip time!). We saw deer just by the landing stage, and seals of course. Ex-husbands sister or brothers ex-wife? Not that it matters, it’s nice that you’re still friends.


  2. janeross70 says:

    Brother’s ex wife. She is still considered part of the family. I think Loch Coruisk is now my most special place on Skye. Next time I will arrange to be there for the day. The boat man told me you can walk right around the loch in a few hours. Did you do that with your dogs?


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