This morning I was up at 7am to go and meet a small group of locals who swim in the sea at Stein each morning. I love wild swimming and it is something I have been wanting to get involved with here on Skye.  So at 7.30am I adorned my swimming cossie and belly flopped off the jetty at Stein into the sea. What a way to wake up! I felt so alive out there, goggles on, looking at life beneath the waves; starfish, jelly fish, sea urchins.  After a wonderful swim I headed home for a warm up in a hot bath and lay there thinking how good life is up here. I am starting to feel a part of the local community. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. Nature is all around me. I feel the most tremendous sense of wellbeing unlike I have ever experienced before.


3 comments on “Wellbeing”
  1. Hi Jane,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading through your posts and learning about your new life on Skye. Looking forward to future updates.



    1. janeross70 says:

      Thanks Jamie. I appreciate your comments. Are you on Skye?


      1. I’m afraid not. Just an envious observer from the lowlands of Yorkshire!

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