My new boat!

Tonight I went kayaking with the big boys and girls! Out of the safe bay at Harlosh and into the open sea! We met at Meanish jetty and the plan had been to kayak around to Neist Point. Due to the slightly challenging conditions with wind and tide, the trip leader decided this route was too risky so instead we headed along the coast in the other direction. It was quite hard going with the wind against us while we headed towards the headland. I worked hard and managed to keep up with the more experienced paddlers. It was much more physically testing for me tonight as it was quite breezy and took a lot of effort to keep my kayak going in the direction I wanted it to. We spent about two and a half hours on the water. We saw two sea eagles, one seal, many cormorants and oyster catchers. We paddled past a waterfall that cascaded down the cliff and into the sea. At then end I was really tired but very happy and felt I had coped with a more challenging paddle quite well. I also came home with my very own boat! That beautiful boat on the top of my car is all mine! I have been trying it out for the last three weeks as it was being sold by someone in the club. It’s a North Shore Atlantic and is good for all abilities so will see me through as I progress in my kayaking abilities.

Some of the gang carrying boats down to the water before we set off on our paddle. The boat on the right of the picture is mine! I love my new boat! Love it , love it , love it!

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