Night walk to Rubha Hunish

This night walk happens every year to celebrate the summer solstice. The walk is attended by local ladies and has taken place each year for the last seven years. My friend Suzy had invited me. She had attended the first walk seven years ago.  We met in the car park which is 2.5km from the point. The building in the photo is a bothy (The Lookout) that can be used free of charge by anyone requiring shelter. It was quite busy at Rubha Hunish last night as there were three people sleeping on the bunks in the bothy, us women sitting outside the bothy, and a group of men from Germany who had pitched their tents around the bothy. When we arrived we had a midnight feast, wine and sampled some rhubarb gin! All of the women walked back except myself and Suzy who had decided to stay for the night. So we sat outside in our sleeping bags drinking wine until the early hours until it got too cold then we went in the bothy and had a bit of shut eye on the bothy floor. Not very comfortable and not much sleep! A truly memorable night and lovely to catch up with Suzy.


The German group were just setting up their tents when we arrived at about 11.30pm

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