It’s been a busy few days. Last week I was away for four days with Sam, picking up various gumtree purchases; a bath from Sutton in Ashfield, a caravan from Rugby, a toilet cistern from Stone and a mirror from Preston! On the way down we drove over the Forth Road Bridge, me as passenger taking photos from the vehicle of the new, soon to open second Forth Road Bridge on the right and the Forth Rail Bridge on the left. All three are incredible structures but the Rail Bridge is my most favourite bridge in the whole world! I get a buzz every time I see it. From there we drove on to Dunbar for an overnight stop before heading south on the A1. We hopped off the A1 near Gateshead to see the Angel of the North. A few technical problems with the electric hook up on the van meant we were delayed in Rugby overnight but all was sorted the next day and we headed back up the M6 with caravan in tow. Mission accomplished!

landmarks-2The Forth Rail Bridge

landmarks-3The existing Forth Road Bridge

landmarks.jpgThe new Forth Road bridge

landmarks-5.jpgThe Angel of the North

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