YURTea and Coffee

I am taking on another part time job at Skyeskyns for two days a week working in the yurt cafe. Skyeskyns is a long established business, a working tannery and shop (selling mostly wool related products and sheep skins). The yurt is a new venture this year and has only been up and running for about seven weeks. It’s called YURTtea and Coffee. I heard they were looking for someone part time through someone from the kayak club, who had heard through the postman. That seems to be how it works up here! Skyeskyns is only about 3 miles from where I live and is on the Waternish peninsula and I thought working in the cafe would be a great way to meet people and get to know a few locals, so I popped in for a chat and and have been offered the job. It’s a one man/woman operation so I’m going to do a few hours training over the next couple of weeks (starting today) to learn how to use the coffee machine. So I am soon to be a barista!

click here to find out more about Skyeskyns

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