Inspired by Fairy Pools

The Fairy Pools in Skye are a popular tourist destination. The river runs down the hillside from The Cuillins, creating a series of natural pools.  Since arriving on Skye I have been taking pretty landscape photographs, but that is not what I’m really about as a photographer. I studied photography for six years (2 years National Diploma and a 4 year Degree). The questions ‘why are you taking that photo?’ and ‘what are you trying to say?’ were constantly asked of me for those six years. My photography education left me feeling  I had to have a reason to take photographs, relay a message, make a point. If I had to put myself into a genre of photography I would call myself a documentary/landscape photographer. My past projects have always been to do with the landscape. Ever since I have been coming to Skye I have been looking for something to inspire me to start a project. Today I found my inspiration at Fairy Pools. I watched the people enjoying the landscape; swimming, taking photos, walking, and it struck me that people come to Skye primarily because of the beautiful landscape. And I realised it would be a great project for me to start photographing people enjoying and interacting with the landscape. So this is just the beginning ……






One comment on “Inspired by Fairy Pools”
  1. Kasia says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful Skye….


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