The Ugly Extension

The extension really lets the house down big time.  It is this ugly addition I will be focusing my efforts on initially. The extension houses the bathroom and another room we refer to as ‘the yellow room’ due to the yellow glass in the door which bathes the whole room in a yellow light. My intension is to try and make the extension look beautiful by replacing the windows, replacing the bathroom suite, stripping back the walls to the bare brick and starting again, tiling etc.  The idea is to convert the extension to a self contained bedroom and bathroom that can be rented out on airbnb (or similar) to bring in some funds to pay for some of the bigger projects.


There is also a shower that is out of shot. We call it the ‘tardis’. It matches the colour of the bath! Lovely!


The yellow room is currently a dumping ground for coats, shoes and tools aswell as a place to hang washing when it’s too wet to hang outside.


The thing I really like about the yellow room is that it looks onto a bank in the garden. Sam’s passion in life is gardening so he is going to do lots of new planting on the bank. I know the outlook from this room will be amazing once he has worked his magic. He has already planted lots of daffodils at the top.

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