North Skye Kayak Club

This evening I went to my first session with the North Skye Kayak Club. We met at the jetty at Harlosh. The more advanced group went off to Harlosh Island while the beginners group stayed in the bay to practice a few moves. I was with the group in the bay and doing well until our leader suggested a race across the bay. Oh yes, a race! My competitive nature kicked in and I went for it! Great, until someone cut across the front of me and instead of slowing down I kept on going full pelt until I realised I was definitely going to hit the kayak that was infront of me, had a wobbly moment and my boat tipped over. That will teach me for being overly competitive!

The people were really friendly, mostly my age group and lots of English people that had moved up to Skye in search of a better life. I will definitely be back for more next week and will stay in my boat! Absolutely loved it!

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