Welcome to my Blog


I moved to the Isle of Skye on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 in search of a healthier and more active lifestyle. I left behind a full time demanding job in South East England in favour of working a couple of hours a day in a guest house on Skye as a part time housekeeper. My aim is to have plenty of time to pursue my creative interests; DIY, interior projects and photography.  I would like to become involved in the local community here on the Waternish Peninsula in NW Skye. My blog will be a record of my endeavours and provide information about Skye.

All photos copyright Jane Ross


8 comments on “Welcome to my Blog”
  1. Andrew Waltham says:

    Hello Jane (and Sam)
    Delighted to read your blog and see your photos. Look forward to seeing you both again sometime at Sue Fallon’s.
    Very best wishes to you both


    1. janeross70 says:

      Thanks Andrew, it would be lovely to catch up with you and Connie sometime at Sue’s


  2. Jane! So good to see you are getting on well! First time I took time out from moving chaos to look at your blog – fantastic pics and always good to know what you are up to.;) Keep the posts coming and good luck for the forthcoming challenges!! lots of love, Steff x


    1. janeross70 says:

      Thanks Steff. Enjoy your holiday in July. Hope you will make it here sometime. I may come over to you later in the year. Shall see how things pan out xx


  3. skyeent says:

    Welcome to Skye. I always say it comes as a package!


    1. janeross70 says:

      Hi Nancy
      Thanks. I am just loving living on Skye. All still very new and exciting. Where abouts on Skye are you?


      1. skyeent says:

        I’m in Glendale. We own the little shop and PO there which keeps us a little too busy! Been here about ten years and don’t look back. If you still like it in the winter then you should be OK.


  4. janeross70 says:

    I will hopefully get there one day soon to introduce myself. I looked at your blog. You would get on so well with my friend Sam whose passion for plants is probably equal to yours!


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